Regional and South Mid West Conference Champions!!

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This past weekend we competed at the South Midwest Regional Qualifiers... and we won!! We won the overall title as well as the men's and women's team divisons. Winning Regionals also helped us captured the Conference title. 

Here are the individual results:

1st Lauren Lewis
3rd Cici Teter
5th Monica Longoria
7th Alison Smyth
9th Karyn Stern
11th Julianne Newmann
12th Annette Harpole
17th Kat Racine
18th Brenna Farren
20th Ali Senz
21st Michelle Dawes
25th Melissa Hunt
28th Madeline Racine
32nd Carleigh Kutac

1st Scott Wilkinson
3rd Dustin Joubert
4th Michael Arishita
9th Sean Chang
10th Ben Forrest
14th Kyle Blount
22nd Sean Fannin
23rd Anthony Felderhoff
28th Robert Dao
43rd Quang Tran
50th Brandon Miller
60th Tyler Vigil
61st Alex Neal
63rd Josh Messick
69th Taylor Kippes
76th Tyler Lawson
81st Daniel Mulkey
89th Ric Nava
96th Treat Peterson

Way to go Team!!