2013-2014 Officers


From Left to Right:

Julianne Newman - Fundraising, Socials, and Social Media

Sean Chang - President

Sarah Pledger - Webmaster, Speaker Meetings, Apparel, and Historian

Colin McCarthan - Treasurer

Ciara Teter - Speaker Meetings, Apparel, and Historian

Kat Racine - Race Coordinator & Safety Officer

Brandon Miller - Partnership

Sean Chang - President

Favorite Sport: Triathlons of course!

Major and Graduation Year: B.S. Electrical Engineering '13 w/Business and Math minors

How did you get into triathlon: Played on the Men's Water Polo team for two years and wanted something new. Former president Lauren Lewis convinced me to join!

Favorite thing about triathlon: I love the fact that Triathlon isn't just a sport. It's a lifestyle!

Favorite race: Conference championships in 2012. With about a mile to go in the run, I had realized that I was actually going to make it onto the scoring team for A&M! That was an exciting feeling.

Sports background: Baseball from 8-12 and competitive swimming as a sprint breaststroker from 10-17.

Other hobbies and interests: Eating; finding out the mother in How I Met Your Mother; learning to sing and play piano

Hidden talents: I can usually learn how to do stuff pretty quick.

Anything else unique or awesome: I've won prize money and am 3-time world champion from a video game. 

Colin McCatharn - Treasurer

Favorite Sport: Running

Major and Graduation Year: Accounting '15

How did you get into triathlon: Accounting 2015

Favorite thing about triathlon: After getting to college I wanted to get involved in something competitive and fun. Triathlons are just that!

Favorite race: Nationals 2013 in Tempe, AZ

Sports background: Cross Country and Track throughout high school.

Other hobbies and interests: Sand volleyball, eating a ton of food.

Hidden talents: I have a pretty nasty curve in bowling.

Anything else unique or awesome:  Qualified for the Boston Marathon in 2013, don't plan on running another 26.2 for 5+ years.

Sarah Pledger - Officer

Favorite Sport: Running...and recently cycling

Major and Graduation Year: Nutritional Sciences, DPD Track (getting my Registered Dietitian's License), 2014

How did you get into triathlon: Played college softball for Texas Tech (don't hate!) and after quitting did my first running race that year (Chevron Houston Marathon, 1st in Age Group!). After dong a couple more i got injured and took up cycling; since i already had two of the three sports, i signed up for a triathlon and 'winged it.' Beat a 63 year old lady (got second to last) but had an awesome time and was hooked!

Favorite thing about triathlon: The people. I love the team and getting to hang out while getting super-fit!

Favorite race: Tri Andy's in my hometown, Sugar Land, TX. The races is short so you can really just let loose and go all out, the swim is short (not exactly my strongest discipline) and i always run into a few people i went to high school with!

Sports background: Competitive softball from the age of 7-19 (learned to bat left handed because i wasn't 'beefy enough' ;) ), Texas Tech Softball, Texas Tech Club Ultimate Frisbee, Club tennis, intramural soccer, volleyball, flag football, soccer and dodgeball, and crossfit(until it started making me slower!-priorities!).

Other hobbies and interests: Yoga recently, Bow hunting, gun hunting, painting, graphics design, dancing, crafting, sculpting mugs and figurines, have made a few stuffed animals and recently this bio page ;).

Hidden talents: I can juggle...and am working on unicycling to seal my backup career as a street performer!

Anything else unique or awesome: If it is a sport or a craft, chances are i've done it or made one ;). 

Julianne Newman - Officer

Favorite Sport: Trail running

Major and Graduation Year: Sports Management 2015

How did you get into triathlon: Needed a new challenge, I ran cross country for 6 years and I wanted to mix it up a little bit. 

Favorite thing about triathlon: Love the rewarding feeling of finishing a hard workout. Being able to do 3 sports I love instead of just one. The close knit triathlon community. 

Favorite race: Kemah Triathlon & Tempe, Arizona Natties!! 

Sports background: Cross Country- 6 years, Summer league swim team- 10 years, Triathlon- 3 years

Other hobbies and interests: Eating, sleeping, running, eating, reading, doing hoodrat things with my friends.

Hidden talents: I can eat a pint of ice cream in 2 minutes.

Anything else unique or awesome: Ive got mad skillz on the Kareoke machine

Ciara 'Cici' Teter - Officer

Favorite Sport: Out of the three? Runnin' them trails. To watch? Football. Recreationally? All sports.

Major and Graduation Year: Kinesiology – Applied Exercise Physiology, May 2014 

How did you get into triathlon: Once upon a time, when I was lifeguarding the Capital of Texas Triathlon my junior year of high school, I came across the tent of the Texas A&M Triathlon Team. I had never done a triathlon, and I thought their uniforms were cool. They told me to join the team when I came to A&M, and then we shook hands and I was a committed prospective Tri Aggie.

Favorite thing about triathlon: I really enjoy the atmosphere and personality of triathletes. Everyone seems to be really chill, and people choose to do the sport not because they're on a scholarship or recruited onto an NCAA team, but because they have a passion for it. 

Favorite race: Collegiate Nationals in Tempe, Arizona 2013! I thought the course was visually aesthetic and fun, and I made my PR there for Olympic distance. I felt my most accomplished there basically, and I really enjoyed the trip with my teammates as well. 

Sports background: Elementary school and pre-elementary I was in clubs or on teams for ballet, gymnastics, soccer, softball, baseball, basketball, and Kuk Sool Won (Martial Arts). Middle school I did cross country, swimming, and track. High school I did track and cross country, as well as lacrosse.

Hobbies and interests: Being creative and artistic when I make the time, playing sports recreationally, eating, procrastinating, being outside, coffee, wasting time on the internet, reading, everything but school... 

Hidden talents: Hyperflexive elbows. I can pick my nose with my tongue... kinda. I speak enough Spanish to look like I know what I'm talking about. I can do the belly roll, especially when I have a food baby. And the most impressive one of all... I can speak telepathically with my identical twin brother...

Anything else unique or awesome: I have a twin brother who goes to UT like Melissa Hunt, so that makes me cool. I'm half Puerto Rican, which I'm really proud of and like to tell everyone. I have a black child named Jake who has floppy ears and puppy dog eyes. And I'm proud to call myself a Zebra. Gig 'em Ags! :)  

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