Fall Schedule Updates

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Howdy zebras,
I just got word from our collegiate commissioner, Keith, that the Denison Red River Rampage races have all been cancelled due to lack of interest (this includes the age group races too). If you already registered, you'll be refunded. This also gives me a chance to announce some of the dates for the fall so get your calendars out.
First Fall Meeting:
8PM Sunday, Sept. 1, 2013 @ REC 281 (Yes I know, it's on a Sunday instead of Monday due to scheduling conflicts... but that means more people can come right? Y'all don't have homework yet)
Fall Triathlon Clinic (by coach Michelle LeBlanc):
Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013. Our meeting will also most likely be on Sunday too just because of the clinic but that is TBD.
Fall Races (we will get team discounts on all 4 races this year so don't sign up for them yet):
Katy Triathlon - Sunday, Sept. 29 (great for beginners and it won't be cold this year I promise)
Toyota US Open - Sunday, Oct. 6 (**Conference Race for Olympic Distance**)
Try Andy's Tri - Sunday, Oct. 20 (great for beginners)
Bronda's Duathlon - Sunday, Nov. 10 (great for people who don't like getting wet)
Also, look for a post about the training challenge tomorrow! I'll be announcing all these dates again as the semester draws nearer.
Sean "Excited for all the goody bag swag this weekend at Rivercities Triathlon" Chang