Training challenge updates!

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Hello fellow zebras. Happy beginning of Gig 'Em Week!

The training challenge is halfway through, and competition is close! There is only a five point difference between the top 10 zebras currently competing in the training challenge! As of week 1, out of 30 competitors, the average amount of points was 12.8. That's superrr impressive, and I'm proud of you hardworking zebras! And don't worry, nobody got max points last week (which is 22 points), so there is still plenty of room for competition!

Don't forget to check the forum page ( for details on how to win the primes. There are over 5 people in every category that were tied for first from week 1 (even the bricks!)! Keep up the good work!

Oh and I forgot to mention, there is also a separate overall division prize for incoming members. It's not too late to start!

Training Challenge Form

(see comments for week 1 leaderboard)

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Top 10 points for Week 1 (in

Top 10 points for Week 1:

Austin Brinkley
Ben Forrest
Hendrik Streuding
Kyle Blount
Matt Carson
Michelle Dawes
Sir Dao
Sydney Currenti