Summer Zebra Race Recap!

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Howdy Zebras!


Just to get all y'all amped about the coming fall season, here are what your fellow Zebras have been up to this summer.  We did two collegiate races this summer: TriAggieland and RiverCities Tri.

And since many of y'all have been asking me about how fast everyone races, all of the swim, bike and run splits are posted so you know what to work towards!

The first race was TriAggieland where we dominated the podium with Officer Ciara Teter, Alison Smyth and Karyn Stern making a clean sweep for the ladies. As for our men, Kyle Blout came in first overall with the vast majority of us raking in our age groups! Top Collegiate Team =TAMU. Great job everyone ;).


Next race this semester was in good 'ol Louisiana at a national park right next to a zoo. We were greeted by peacocks roaming free and an actual zebra, forshadowing of the BTHO that was yet to come.

At this race Lauren Lewis and Scott Wilkinson showed their stripes taking the overall spots of first overall female and overall male. And yet again TAMU cinced the top Collegiate team and an alarming majority of all the age-group wins.


So everyone sign up for Tri Katy, and Dallas Open so we can get conference points so we can keep claim on our top Texas and top 10 national team! 

WHOOOOOOP!! In the meantime....BTHO 'BAMA!!