Updated SMW Conference Rankings

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Howdy folks!

The conference rankings have been updated to include Life Time Tri: Dallas. We once again swept Male, Female, and Team championships in Rockwall, maintaining our nice and comfy domination of the conference. Yes, if your friends ask, we are doing better than A&M in football in our conference that is much bigger than the size of the SEC.
Women's Rankings:
1. Alison Smyth dominating the conference with 91 points!!!11one
2. Cici (85 pts)
4. Kstern
6. Carleigh
9. Sydney
12. Melissa
15. Annette
16. Maddie
25. Erin Simmons
26. Kitty Kat Racine
Men's Rankings:
2. Tie between me and Kyle Blount at 83 points!
4. Colin is tied with Alex Hammond (OSU) for 4th
6. Will Whitehill
8. Sir Dao
11. Kyle Adams
14. BMillz
18. Scottyyyy
23. Matt Carson
24. D-Train
26. Ryan Morse and Anthony tied
28. Ben Forrest
31. Austin Schell
32. Hitchcock
40. Sir Walker Reid Raines tied with Hendrik
45. Treat
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