Tube Changing Competition Results!

Sean Chang's picture

After a grueling Prelim/Finals format tube changing competition, we have our victors! The finals heat contained the fastest 5 tube-changers out of 25 competitors. 

1. Michael "if only I was as good at changing tubes as I was following race courses" Arishita

2. David "I practiced 100 times before this" Tolstyka

3. Jason "building a new bike frame" Duance

4. Scott "I drew blood changing tires" Wilkinson

5. Suzi "I should've won, but I pinched my tube" Aleksander

Thanks to Bay Area Cycling for being our partners and providing tubes/pizza for the meeting! Also a big thanks to them for hosting us at their tailgate this past weekend. Go and like their Facebook page!

Also, you can find results from Bronda's Duathlon this past weekend here.