Team Updates & Gingerbread House-building Competition Results!

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Competition Results

And the winners have been decided! Tiebreakers were decided by the most of each team's houses eaten in 30 seconds. 

1st: Christmas Turkey [ate the most candy for tiebreaker and stayed 1st]
2nd: George Bush's Vacation Home [ate the second most candy for tiebreaker and moved up to 2nd]
3rd: Water Park
4th: Mancave
5th: Carousel

Also, a few big changes are happening for Collegiate USAT racing! First, the 28 year-old limitation on collegiate athletes has been removed. No matter what age, any full-time student can now race! Second, you can wear your zebra sports bra at collegiate nationals! Lastly, there will be a vote amonth NCAA athletic directors to decide whether or not women's triathlon will be added as an NCAA event. If it is passed, then it will begin August 2014! We will keep you updated.

We are in the process of modifying our Spring 2014 race schedule (due to some complications). This will still for sure include our conference races, but we are open to other races: Mean Green, Conference Championships, and Nationals. If you are an alumni or a race director and have any suggestions, please let me know at We would love to establish new relationships!