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Welcome to our annual team time trial in College Station, TX, and the first time it will ever be open to athletes outside of our team! See the invitation attachment for information.

Lake Bryan conditions (Updated: 2/2/2014): It's been cold, wet, and rainy lately, but we've had a few brave souls hop in the water this past Friday and swim just fine. As of right now, the swim will be wetsuit mandatory.

Lake Bryan conditions (Updated: 2/19/2014): 6-7 people on the team hopped in last Friday (air temp around 68 degrees at the time) after a couple of freezing nights and it was still really cold; we're takling numb hands and feet as soon as you jump in. The warm weather this week should vastly improve the lake conditions (it's a only ~10-15ft deep). The swim will definitely be wetsuit mandatory. I'll be measuring the lake temps this friday and give you guys an update.

Lake Bryan conditions (Updated: 2/21/2014): 4 of us got in again today. The past week's weather has been much nicer, and the water is warmer. Cold hands and feet (but not numb) after jumping in. Water temperature was measured at the surface at 4-5 different locations for a range between 56-58 degrees. Make sure you are prepared with towels and jackets at the finish so you can warm up. Air temperature was ~60 degrees at the time of measurement.

Check out the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1402460136673477.

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