Make sure you fill out these Google Docs!

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Whether you are racing or volunteering at team time trials (March 2, 2014):

For regionals, Kat will be emailing out the registration link with the discount code soon.

For nationals, Kat or I will be sending out the registration link to everyone on this list so PUT YOUR NAME DOWN ASAP! (April 3-7, 2014). If you have not yet signed a nationals eligibility form, they are attached. Bring them filled out to any practice and hand it to an officer.

If you need a wetsuit or tri suit for time trial invitational or regionals (uniforms should come in by nationals), use the below form. I think it should pretty self-explanatory how to fill it out.

Lastly, check out this nationals video highlight from last year and get pumped!!! Be thinking about what theme we want to do this year! Last year we were thrift shoppers. The year before that we were Braveheart.

Nattys 2013!