Our Mission: Promote a healthy lifestyle through training and friendly competition in the sport of Triathlon.

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Meeting TONIGHT at 8:00 PM

We will be having our 3rd meeting of the semester tonight, February 23rd, in Rec 281.

Come check us out, make some friends and enjoy some hot chocolate! (bring a mug, go green!)


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Meeting Tuesday, February 10th (Important Information)

> Team Meeting: Tuesday, February 10th at 7:00 PM
  • Our coach, Liz Baugher, from OutRival Racing will be discussing:
    • Prepping for nationals (workouts leading up to it)
    • Race week
    • Tips for race day
  • Around 7:30 PM...
    • We will do the swim portion of the time trial
    • Liz will be on deck to answer any questions and help you with your stroke!
  • Team Trainers Rental
    • We will be renting out the team trainers for the next 2 weeks to get your cycling better. Talk to Andre Russell after the meeting to get it set up or email/text him.

> Time Trials THIS WEEK (Tuesday and Wednesday)

  • Tuesday: Swim 1650 yards (or 800 if you aren't quite ready for an Olympic)
  • Wednesday: Run 5000 m (make sure to do 12 and 1/2 laps, we aren't timing your 4800m)
  • If you participated last year:
    • This is how you can see how much you've improved and/or which discipline you need to focus on
    • If you are unable to make it to one or more of these practices, try and meet up with some others to simulate a race setting
    • AND... email me your time for the 1650 yard swim and the 5000 m run 
  • If you are new this semester or didn't do it last year:
    • This is a great way to see where you're at and know what to expect when you do your first race in 2015.
  • As for the bike, we will decide on a time for this relatively soon, your patience is appreciated
  • Nationals: Each year we pay for the registration of our top 4 men and top 4 women at nationals. Our criteria will be a combination of the following:
    • Conference Ranking/Team Races, Time Trials (this week!), and Officer Discretion (involvement with the club etc.)
    • We may have to decide before Mean Green so Time Trials can help your case, you know who you guys/girls are!
    • If you are curious as to where you rank in the conference, I can send you the standings
  • If you want to receive the discount codes for races, have your name on the list at our partner shops and get access to Training Peaks, pay dues!
    • I will be sending those out on Thursday most likely, so pay online or pay at the meeting so you can get those!
  • Price increases are coming up for a few team races so expect discount codes shortly!
  • Nationals Theme: If this doesn't make sense, ask someone who went last year. Everyone else, be brainstorming ideas in the meantime!
  • Keep training! April 24/25 is going to be here before you know it. 
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Informational This Wednesday

Howdy! We will be having an informational/first meeting this Wednesday at 8 PM in Rec 281.

Directions: Upon entering the rec, go up the stairs on your right and look for a hallway with double doors, 281 is at the end of the hallway.

(You do not need to swipe your ID to enter this part of the Rec)

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MSC Spring Open House TODAY Sunday, January 25th

Come meet the officers at MSC Open House today from 1 - 4 pm.

Our table is #2030 which is on the second floor in the large room at the South/West corner.

We are surrounded by other sport clubs so look for some A&M uniforms!

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Spring 2015 Semester Announcements

Weeks ahead:

  • No Practice this week
  • Sunday,        January 25th - MSC Spring Open House: 1 - 4 pm
  • Tuesday,       January 27th - First Practice of the semester: Swim @ 7:30pm
  • Wednesday, January 28th - First Team Meeting @ 8pm: Yes, on a Wednesday (No track practice that day)
Practice Schedule with CHANGES:
  • Monday:       Bike *See Facebook for meeting location, route, and time
  • Tuesday:       Swim @ 7:30 pm
  • Wednesday:  Track @ 5:30 pm* (no longer 6 pm)
  • Thursday:    *Trainer Ride @ 5:00 pm (NEW)* Location will change week to week (member's houses). Don't have a trainer? Contact our awesome bike partner, Jeff, at Bay Area Schwinn.
  • Thursday:      Swim @ 7:30 pm
  • Friday:          Lake Bryan @ 4:30 pm
  • Saturday:      Bike *See Facebook for meeting location, route, and time*
  • Sunday:        Run *See Facebook for meeting location, route, and time*
See Facebook OR post on Facebook when YOU want to meet and what you want to do!
NOTE: If you are not already a part of our Facebook GROUP, add an officer as a friend on Facebook and we will add you to the group
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