Our Mission: Promote a healthy lifestyle through training and friendly competition in the sport of Triathlon.

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Winter Training Challenge Starts Monday (Dec. 22nd, 2014)

The 2014 - 2015 Winter Training Challenge begins on Monday!

Expect an email (via the listserv) the Sunday before with rules and details.

The training challenge is four weeks long and allows for current and former students to compete by logging their swim, bike, and run totals for each week. At the end of each week, you simply log your time/distance using a google form and keep on training! Also be on the lookout for updates on standings so you can see how you're doing. 

Good luck with your winter base training Zebras!


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'Meeting' tonight at Penberthy!

Head to Penberthy for some Ultimate Frisbee!

When? 8:00 - 9:30 pm

Where? Penberthy Field #7, park between the Tennis Courts and the Fields.

Bring your student ID and check in when you get there!

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October 20th Meeting Recap

For those of you that missed the meeting last night, here is what we covered:

Race Results:
  • U.S. Open (Regionals Championship)
    • Team: Men were 1st, Women were 2nd, Combined 2nd
    • Men: Michael Arishita took the overall win and our top 5 guys were all top 10 in collegiate.
    • Women: Lauren Lewis was the first female overall.
  • Try Andy's Tri
    • Team: No team award given but we would have won first for both men and women!
    • Men: Each age group (15-19, 20-24, 25-29) had a zebra on the podium and Ben Forrest took 1st in 25-29.
    • Women: Each age group (15-19, 20-24, 25-29) had a zebra on the podium and Karyn Stern and Sarah Pledger took 1st in 20-24 and 25-29, respectively.
  • Next time you see Ryan Morse be sure and thank him for driving the trailer to every race!
Bike Time Trial:
  • Sunday, November 9th around 2:00 PM
  • Central Baptist Church parking lot: Northeast of Campus via Harvey Rd.
  • It's free, but that goes without saying.
  • More info to come, just mark it down in your calendars. 
Aggieland Cycling:
  • Group Rides: Tuesday/Thursday meet at 6:30 am at the new shop on Valley View, Women's only ride Wednesdays at 7:00 am
  • Clinics: This Wednesday Aggieland Cycling is having a clinic on chain breaking from 6:00 - 7:30 pm for $10 which includes a 'master-link' for your chain.
Spring Race Schedule:
  • We will have 1 duathlon (run-bike-run) in February
  • Mean Green (sprint tri w/ pool swim) is TBA but always in March
  • Team Time Trial (free race put on by ourselves here in C-Stat will be sometime in March)
  • Nationals is April 23/24 (Draft-legal/Non-draft)
  • If you have suggestions for our 5th race, please bring them to the next meeting.
Group Order Info:
  • BlueSeventy (Best Wetsuits around + misc. swim gear)
    • See Michael's email
    • If you missed Michael's email, I can forward it to you.
  • Gu (Energy gels, drink mixes, nutrition)
    • See Michael's email
    • If you missed Michael's email, I can forward it to you.
  • Long Sleeve Team Tech T-Shirt (super comfortable AND cool looking)
    • Mackenzie will be sending out a form for you to provide your size and preference (Something along these lines: 1=Maroon, 2=Grey Only, 3=Grey and if not, Maroon is fine)
Good luck to all the Zebras racing Austin 70.3 this weekend!
If you borrowed a uniform, RETURN it asap, especially if you borrowed someone's borrowed uniform... you know who you are and if not, Andre will find you.
  • I apologize for any confusion, practice will continue as usual this week. I just meant to say that taking some time off if you are feeling fatigued from race season is a good idea!
Check out our Facebook Page to see who won the Pumpkin Carving Competition! Maybe give us a "Like" while you're there!
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Regionals Recap (US Open Triathlon)

This past weekend we had our Regional Championship at the US Open Triathlon at Lake Ray Hubbard in Rockwall, Texas.
  •  Results:
    • Women: 2nd as a Team to the University of Texas. 
    • Women: Lauren Lewis won the Collegiate Division and was the second Female overall!
    • Men: 1st a Team with 4 guys top 10 overall!
    • Men: Michael Arishita won the Overall division and therefore the Collegiate Division!
    • Combined: Our men and women combined team took second to UT by just 3 points.
  • Great job to all of you who raced their first Olympic distance race and I hope you enjoyed the weather!
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10/6 Triathlon Meeting Recap

**UNIFORM ORDERS DUE THURSDAY (10/9/2014) WITH CA$H/ CHECK, see additional info below** 
  • New Partnership with Peloton!
    • They will be providing us with money for team equipment in the amount of $5,000.00
    • With this donation we will be purchasing additional Team Trainers and a set of Team Wheels!
    • The trainers will be able to be rented out on a weekly basis for free and over Winter/Summer breaks for a reasonable rate
  • Social Media:
  • Katy Triathlon Results:
    • Women place 1,2,3 in collegiate and take Team Win!
    • Men place 2,4 in collegiate and take second to U.T. but…
    • Colin McCatharn and Grant Meloche took 1st and 3rd overall (raced in the elite division)!
  • Last Two Races!
  • TRNG 101:
    • Michael Arishita spoke about some basics when it comes to training and getting faster!
    • The following is a quick summary, don't be afraid to ask how to improve!
    • Focus on your weak sport, you are a TRIathlete now!
    • Adding a minute on your swim/run time because you improved your bike or another discipline by 5, 10, 20 minutes is what is important! 
  • What do I NEED to do a triathlon?
    • General: USAT membership ($10 one-day, $45 yearly), Race entry fee (Varies), race number belt ($8 - $12)
    • SWIM: Goggles, swimsuit, wetsuit (Recommended for certain races and to make you faster)
    • BIKE: Bike, helmet, padded shorts (for training), saddle bag WITH flat kit
    • RUN: Shoes, short running shorts to get rid of cycling tan lines!
  • What do I WANT for triathlons?
    • General: GPS watch to monitor workouts, compression gear for recovery, sunglasses are a great investment and make you look awesome (most used piece of equipment).
    • SWIM: Not much to make you faster, skin suit (don’t worry if you don’t know), training fins, buoys and other gear
    • BIKE: In this order -> Clipless pedals and compatible shoes, aero bars OR TT/Tri bike, aero helmet
    • RUN: Like swimming, not much, heart rate monitor and watch will help train on bike and run
    • Uniform order sheet (see attached) AND money (cash/check) are due THURSDAY at latest!
    • FOR races: We recommend you buy a one-piece suit (Zebra colors!) or a bottom and top 
    • FOR training purposes: We also have bike and swim gear 
    • THIS ORDER will arrive in time for a team picture and of course, spring races. 
    • The spring order will NOT be in time for Nationals.
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