Our Mission: Promote a healthy lifestyle through training and friendly competition in the sport of Triathlon.

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Meeting Recap!

Here's a recap from our meeting tonight in case you couldn't make it:

  • If your'e not 100% sure you want to join, come to practice anyways and check us out! 
  • Pay dues here. Print a receipt and bring it to practice. You can also pay at practice.
  • Forms you need to fill out here: AOR and Standard of ConductExtra forms available at practice.
  • Practice schedule, calendar, and race schedule are located on the website.
  • Nationals will be roughly ~$100 per person depending on how much you volunteered. 
Training Challenge Results:
1. Michael Arishita
2. Sarah Pledger
3. Matt McMullan
Swim Prime: Michael Arishita (Carleigh Kutac was 2nd)
Bike Prime: Michael Arishita (Matt McMullan was 2nd)
Run Prime: Austin Brinkley
Alumni Winner: Quang Tran

Link you should bookmark:
http://triathlon.tamu.edu/forum/4 - Contains up-to-date list of TT results, volunteer points, TrainingPeaks account information, etc.


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Spring 2014 Informational Meeting!

Howdy Zebras and Zebras-to-be!

I hope everyone has had a great holiday break! There's only one more week left on the training challenge so submit your workouts here.

The first meeting for Spring 2014 will be at 8PM in REC 281 on Monday, January 20th. I hope to see all of you there! We'll be talking about how to get involved with the team, practice schedule, race schedule, nationals, uniforms, new swim practice and track practice coaches, etc.!

Sean "what's better than eating 5 cupcakes tonight? A 6th one." Chang

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Team Updates & Gingerbread House-building Competition Results!

Competition Results

And the winners have been decided! Tiebreakers were decided by the most of each team's houses eaten in 30 seconds. 

1st: Christmas Turkey [ate the most candy for tiebreaker and stayed 1st]
2nd: George Bush's Vacation Home [ate the second most candy for tiebreaker and moved up to 2nd]
3rd: Water Park
4th: Mancave
5th: Carousel

Also, a few big changes are happening for Collegiate USAT racing! First, the 28 year-old limitation on collegiate athletes has been removed. No matter what age, any full-time student can now race! Second, you can wear your zebra sports bra at collegiate nationals! Lastly, there will be a vote amonth NCAA athletic directors to decide whether or not women's triathlon will be added as an NCAA event. If it is passed, then it will begin August 2014! We will keep you updated.

We are in the process of modifying our Spring 2014 race schedule (due to some complications). This will still for sure include our conference races, but we are open to other races: Mean Green, Conference Championships, and Nationals. If you are an alumni or a race director and have any suggestions, please let me know at president@triathlon.tamu.edu. We would love to establish new relationships!

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Tube Changing Competition Results!

After a grueling Prelim/Finals format tube changing competition, we have our victors! The finals heat contained the fastest 5 tube-changers out of 25 competitors. 

1. Michael "if only I was as good at changing tubes as I was following race courses" Arishita

2. David "I practiced 100 times before this" Tolstyka

3. Jason "building a new bike frame" Duance

4. Scott "I drew blood changing tires" Wilkinson

5. Suzi "I should've won, but I pinched my tube" Aleksander

Thanks to Bay Area Cycling for being our partners and providing tubes/pizza for the meeting! Also a big thanks to them for hosting us at their tailgate this past weekend. Go and like their Facebook page!

Also, you can find results from Bronda's Duathlon this past weekend here.

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Updated SMW Conference Rankings

Howdy folks!

The conference rankings have been updated to include Life Time Tri: Dallas. We once again swept Male, Female, and Team championships in Rockwall, maintaining our nice and comfy domination of the conference. Yes, if your friends ask, we are doing better than A&M in football in our conference that is much bigger than the size of the SEC.
Women's Rankings:
1. Alison Smyth dominating the conference with 91 points!!!11one
2. Cici (85 pts)
4. Kstern
6. Carleigh
9. Sydney
12. Melissa
15. Annette
16. Maddie
25. Erin Simmons
26. Kitty Kat Racine
Men's Rankings:
2. Tie between me and Kyle Blount at 83 points!
4. Colin is tied with Alex Hammond (OSU) for 4th
6. Will Whitehill
8. Sir Dao
11. Kyle Adams
14. BMillz
18. Scottyyyy
23. Matt Carson
24. D-Train
26. Ryan Morse and Anthony tied
28. Ben Forrest
31. Austin Schell
32. Hitchcock
40. Sir Walker Reid Raines tied with Hendrik
45. Treat
Also, don't forget, please fill out your info at this form so we can send you our very first edition of the TRIbune, a Texas A&M Triathlon newsletter that will fill you in on all our activities each semester! This is for both current students and alumni!
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