Our Mission: Promote a healthy lifestyle through training and friendly competition in the sport of Triathlon.

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"Bike Maintenance, Road vs. Tri Bike, Being a Professional Triathlete" Meeting Recap

Our very own speed monster and professional triathlete, Scott Wilkinson, spoke at our meeting today about the differences between a road and triathlon/time-trial bike, basic bike maintenance tips, and what it's like being a professional triathlete. You can find the PowerPoint here.

If you want to go to Try Andy's Tri (10/20/2013) or have already registered, pease register here and tell Kitty Kat Racine! You will see the option to select the collegiate division after you navigate past the first page. 

Brandon will be sending out information about GU Energy tomorrow so watch out for that!

Also, make sure you are registered on the fourms if you've paid dues. That is how you get discount codes for most of our partnerships and training plan information!! 

Lastly, whether you are a current member or alumni, please go to this link and fill out the survey: http://recsports.tamu.edu/development/reconnect.asp. You'll get free newsletters sent out to your address every semester about updates from our team! It's the best way to stay in touch!

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Summer Zebra Race Recap!

Howdy Zebras!


Just to get all y'all amped about the coming fall season, here are what your fellow Zebras have been up to this summer.  We did two collegiate races this summer: TriAggieland and RiverCities Tri.

And since many of y'all have been asking me about how fast everyone races, all of the swim, bike and run splits are posted so you know what to work towards!

The first race was TriAggieland where we dominated the podium with Officer Ciara Teter, Alison Smyth and Karyn Stern making a clean sweep for the ladies. As for our men, Kyle Blout came in first overall with the vast majority of us raking in our age groups! Top Collegiate Team =TAMU. Great job everyone ;).


Next race this semester was in good 'ol Louisiana at a national park right next to a zoo. We were greeted by peacocks roaming free and an actual zebra, forshadowing of the BTHO that was yet to come.

At this race Lauren Lewis and Scott Wilkinson showed their stripes taking the overall spots of first overall female and overall male. And yet again TAMU cinced the top Collegiate team and an alarming majority of all the age-group wins.


So everyone sign up for Tri Katy, and Dallas Open so we can get conference points so we can keep claim on our top Texas and top 10 national team! 

WHOOOOOOP!! In the meantime....BTHO 'BAMA!!

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Training Plans and Discount Codes Posted!


I hope everyone was able to make it this first week of practice. If you weren't able to make it, you can totally still come check us out!
If you've paid dues, don't forget to create an account (navigation bar to the right) using your full name so we can give you access to the discounts and training plan information. If you are having trouble accessing it, please email webmaster@triathlon.tamu.edu.

If you have already paid dues and have an account, the discount codes and TrainingPeaks login information can be found here: http://triathlon.tamu.edu/forum/4
Don't forget to sign up for the triathlon clinic this Sunday at 1PM (FREE for all members): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1551Wa9iegr-2UKgXOGeumKFVmPM6g4snxGjn-xhhYrk/viewform
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Informational Meeting RECAP!

It was great seeing everybody at the meeting tonight! If you missed the meeting or want to learn more about specific things, here's the recap. I tried to keep everything as short as possible so email me or comment below if you have any questions. All of the links lead you to our website. I just linked them to make it easier for y'all! :)
Table of Contents
Triathlon Clinic (Learn everything you need to know about a triathlon!)
How to Join
All you have to do is follow the simple steps here. Please get dues paid ASAPs, but if you're really on the fence about joining, come to one of our practices this week. Just make sure you fill out the assumption of risk form and the standards of conduct form.

Dues are $130/year and $70/semester. You can also just pay practice dues for $30/semester, but you won't get access to discounts or the training plans written by our coach, Michelle LeBlanc. Her plans are geared towards all of our team races.
Triathlon Clinic
Our coach, Michelle LeBlanc, will be coming with professional triathletes Liz Baugher and Sarah Hankla from OutRival Racing to host a triathlon clinic for us! They'll teach you everything you need to know to complete a triathlon. Bring your swim suit, cap, and goggles as they will be doing a special swim technique clinic too. linics like these can normally cost upwards of $100, but you are getting it for free as a due paying member! It will be in REC 281 at 1PM on Sunday, Sept. 15th. Register here.
We have practices almost every day of the week. They are optional. The calendar keeps an up-to-date schedule of the practices, but if you want more details or learn more about the particular types of practice for each day, go to the practice schedule page. On the calendar page, you can click the workout for a given day and the "WHERE" part you can basically plug into Google Maps to get the meeting location.

Mondays and Thursdays are 5:30PM are group rides. Know the route in case you want to go faster or slower than the rest of the group. Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30-8:30PM are swim workouts and 8:30-9:00PM will be a technique driven workout to help you improve your swim skills. You are welcome to go to both sessions! Wednesdays at 6PM are our track workouts. We typically do a mix of fartleks and speed work. On Fridays, we go out to Lake Bryan (it's a $5 entry fee if you're not on the team) to run at the trails and swim at the lake. On Saturdays we will have long bike rides and on Sundays we will have long runs. These typically alternate so we will do one a week. Check the calendar for the meeting location of the weekend long rides/runs. On Saturdays, Brazos Valley Cyclists also host a ride at 8:45PM leaving from Military Walk. You are welcome to ride with them too!
As a full due paying member, you get access to all of our partners! This includes our coach, Michelle LeBlanc and OutRival Racing, Muldoon's Coffee House, Bay Area Schwinn, Brazos Running Company, GU Energy Gel, Rudy Project, Blueseventy, Running Warehouse, Aggieland Cycling, and Wheelbuilder.com. Discounts vary by company, but can be as much as 55% off on products! You can pay off your dues many times over by just getting a bike from our bike sponsor, Jeff Parker from Bay Area Schwinn.
We have 4 team races this semester listed here. Team uniforms are not required (required only for the collegiate conference race), but highly recommended. Sarah Pledger, our uniforms and apparel officer, will be sending out details about uniforms next week! We also have a lot of other apparel such as cycling jerseys, running singlets, swim suits, swim caps, etc. you can purchase very cheap! We use Champion Systems for most of our uniforms, and I personally believe they are one of the best and most comfortable suits out there!
Nationals Details
As much as we like to help beginners do there first triathlon, our main goal is competing at nationals each year. Nationals this school year will be in Tempe, AZ, in April. Last year, we won our conference for (at least) the 4th time in a row, and placed 8th nationally. We can bring 42 people to nationals. The individuals picked to go are determined by volunteering, performances at conference races, and team time trials. The top 4 of each gender can also get their nationals race fee reimbursed. Individuals who want to go to nationals must also pay a nationals travel fee not included in the dues. You can find details of these inside the PDF.
In order to help fund our nationals trip, we volunteer at football games by selling Dippin' Dots (you only have to volunteer for half the game). We will be volunteering at all home games that aren't race weekends. Additionally, we volunteer at RaceTexas events, Reed Arena Cleanup, and Team Time Trials.
Why join the team?
As one of the largest teams in the nation, we help both beginners complete their first triathlons and also compete against other teams at a very high level. We beat UT every year and the conference championships. This past year last year, the top 4 athletes on our team were also the top 4 athletes in the entire conference.
I've never done a triathlon before. Can I join?
Definitely. You don't get in shape to join the team. You join the team to get in shape!
I don't have a bike. Can I still join?
Yep! You can come to all the swim and run practices. You'll need a bike to race, though. Our bike partner will help you get a great deal on a new/used bike. Like... a really really good deal. 
Are there tryouts? 
No. Everybody is welcome :). Though I do recommend you know how to swim freestyle and can swim a couple laps without stopping.
Training Challenge Results
Training challenge results are posted here.
New Officer Election Results
It was a very close race, but congratulations to Kathryn Racine and Brandon Miller for becoming the new addition to our 2013-2014 officer crew! It's going to be a great year!
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Get Excited!! First Team Meeting is Sunday!!

Had a nice summer out to pasture??? Want to get back into shape??


Want to tap into your inner potential??


Fear the Water??


Come to the triathlon team meeting 8PM Sunday, Sept. 1, 2013 @ REC 281! We can help make your zebra dreams come true!!

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