Our Mission: Promote a healthy lifestyle through training and friendly competition in the sport of Triathlon.

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Team Meeting Recap!


Race Report: We won the Mean Green Sprint Tri! We also placed 4 podium spots at the Draft Legal Tri (turned Duathlon) two weeks ago!
Check out the race results tab for more details.
Rolling 39 deep to Regionals this weekend. Meet at the Rec at 11am to load bikes.
Potluck dinner is Friday at 7 at the Zebra shack.
You need to register for Nationals by this Friday!! Also, please pay Sean Chang the $55 for travel fees.
Our team theme is.....THRIFT SHOP!
We're still working with the awesome OutRival Racing. If you need access to the training peaks accounts contact an officer.
We will be placing a GU order soon. Look for an email from Sean Fannin.
New officers Elections:
Next meeting (in two weeks) we will elect our new officers for next year.
President, Treasurer, and 3 general officers.
If you have any questions about what each position does, just ask one of us! We will be more than willing to share! The only requirements are that you be full time and have a 2.5 GPA, but we suggest not taking a really heavy course load! 
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New Sponsor!!! OutRival Racing!!


We are very excited to announce our new partnership with OutRival Racing, one of the premiere coaching services in Texas!! Outrival will be providing the team with beginner, intermediate, and advanced workouts focusing on our team races. Plus, they will even put on a skills clinic for us each semester.

Watch out Collegiate Nationals 2013!! The Texas A&M Triathlon team will be ready to race FAST!

OutRival Racing

If you are a due paying member, you should have received the Training Peaks Log-in information. If not, please contact a team officer.

It's going to be a great Spring Season. THANKS OUTRIVAL!!

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Team Time Trials!!

CONGRATS to everyone who came out and raced today!! Special thanks to our volunteers!

Official results located here.

Top 4 Men:
Scott  "missed sub-hour bike split by 3 seconds" Wilkinson
Michael "swim prime" Arishita
Dustin  "stopped to pick flowers on the bike" Joubert
Sean "saw Dustin picking flowers, got envious, and stopped too" Chang
Top 4 Women:
Lauren "wears all pink to races" Lewis
Cici "real workout was standing and working for 6 hours afterwards" Teter
Alison "wanted to keep swimming and bee-lined towards the cars" Smith
Karyn "white fingers and toes" Stern


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Meeting Recap!!

Great News people!! You can still join the team and sign up for races!! Come to any practice to pays dues. Only $65 for a semster. There is also the practice only option for $25.

Race forms for Frost Your Fanny are due Feb. 4th.

Wetsuit and Uniform orders are due by this Thursday!! Don't miss your chance to be warm in the water or race in the infamous zebra kit.

We're Proud to announce our newest officer, Julianne Newman. Congrats!

The complete Winter Break Training Challenge Results can be found here: https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=D535766EF140CF25!6832

Way to go to our top 10 training challenge finishers!! Especially to Will Huffman, taking the win!!

1st Will "the beast" Huffman

2nd Scottie "have you seen my biking legs??" Wilkinson

3rd Michael "I could swim the English Channel everyday" Arishita

4th Josh "football master" Messick

5th Sean"$$$"Chang

6th Lauren "LaLew" Lewis

7th Robert "Sir Dao" Dao

8th Sarah"biked enough to cross the entire state of Tejas" Pledger

9th Jason"red hair" Duance

10th Karn "Kstern" Stern

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Team Meeting Monday!

Team Mtg. Monday!

*****We are meeting in READ 274 for our next meeting.******

It's the building behind GRW Colosseum that has the giant pictures of Randy Bullock, Vonn Miller, and the other past football stars on the side. There are a couple doors into the building. Park in lot 48. There is a bike rack on the side of the building that has a couple stairs that go down to a door to the right of that. Its on the left side of that drive through circle right there. Once you go in those doors, to your left will be another door with some stairs on the inside. Go up to the second floor and room 274 will be right there by the stairs.

The meeting will be at 8 PM.

We're electing officers and going over training challenge results!
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