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Training challenge updates!

Hello fellow zebras. Happy beginning of Gig 'Em Week!

The training challenge is halfway through, and competition is close! There is only a five point difference between the top 10 zebras currently competing in the training challenge! As of week 1, out of 30 competitors, the average amount of points was 12.8. That's superrr impressive, and I'm proud of you hardworking zebras! And don't worry, nobody got max points last week (which is 22 points), so there is still plenty of room for competition!

Don't forget to check the forum page (http://triathlon.tamu.edu/node/138) for details on how to win the primes. There are over 5 people in every category that were tied for first from week 1 (even the bricks!)! Keep up the good work!

Oh and I forgot to mention, there is also a separate overall division prize for incoming members. It's not too late to start!

Training Challenge Form

(see comments for week 1 leaderboard)

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Summer 2013 Training Challenge is here!

It's time for the Summer 2013 edition of the Texas A&M Triathlon Training Challenge! All of the details for the training challenge is located here:
You just need to submit the form once a week.
Too lazy to read all the rules? Here's the gist of things:
  • You get points as long as you do 30+ minutes of a sport each day.
  • There are weekly caps so do some of everything!
  • Train with friends.
  • Consistency wins this training challenge.
  • Prizes!
Check back here for weekly updates!
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Fall Schedule Updates

Howdy zebras,
I just got word from our collegiate commissioner, Keith, that the Denison Red River Rampage races have all been cancelled due to lack of interest (this includes the age group races too). If you already registered, you'll be refunded. This also gives me a chance to announce some of the dates for the fall so get your calendars out.
First Fall Meeting:
8PM Sunday, Sept. 1, 2013 @ REC 281 (Yes I know, it's on a Sunday instead of Monday due to scheduling conflicts... but that means more people can come right? Y'all don't have homework yet)
Fall Triathlon Clinic (by coach Michelle LeBlanc):
Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013. Our meeting will also most likely be on Sunday too just because of the clinic but that is TBD.
Fall Races (we will get team discounts on all 4 races this year so don't sign up for them yet):
Katy Triathlon - Sunday, Sept. 29 (great for beginners and it won't be cold this year I promise)
Toyota US Open - Sunday, Oct. 6 (**Conference Race for Olympic Distance**)
Try Andy's Tri - Sunday, Oct. 20 (great for beginners)
Bronda's Duathlon - Sunday, Nov. 10 (great for people who don't like getting wet)
Also, look for a post about the training challenge tomorrow! I'll be announcing all these dates again as the semester draws nearer.
Sean "Excited for all the goody bag swag this weekend at Rivercities Triathlon" Chang
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Summer Triathlon Training Program

Howdy all! I hope summer has been going well for everyone! Remember, if you are in need of any cycling gear don't hesitate to call up our bike sponsor, Jeff, at Bay Area Cycling. Also, Michelle Leblanc, our friendly team coach over at Outrival Racing is still prescribing summer workouts at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels! The user login information to Trainingpeaks is located in the forums (you need an account to access it) in case you lost the info.

Are training plans not enough for you? Two of our very own team members, Michelle Dawes and Kyle Blount, are teaching a Triathlon Training fitness class this summer that gets you ready for our first collegiate conference race of the 2013-2014 season, TriAggieland! Here's a message from Kyle: 

Michelle Dawes and I just wanted to let you all know that we will be teaching a triathlon clinic this summer, specifically to prepare new triathletes for TriAggieland. The program is four weeks long, Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8-10am, from June 18-July 11 and will also include one Saturday group ride. The information is also at this link:


I know most of you are out of town or don't need the basic instruction that the clinic will provide. BUT you can assist us by helping to get the word out about the clinic and getting friends signed up. So if you know anyone who's been interested in trying triathlons, curious, or even that you think should just have the experience, PLEASE get them signed up for both TriAggieland and the clinic!

Anyways, until next time!

Your zebra leader,
Sean Chang '13

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Another year comes to an end!

Howdy fellow Zebras!

I hope everyone survived finals week and congratulations to those zebras who graduated this year! I wanted to write a quick post before I leave town to give a quick update about everything that has been going on and some of the plans for next year. I am very humbled to be able to serve everyone as the president for the upcoming 2013-2014 school year. There are a lot of exciting things that your new officers are wanting to do for the next year, so get ready for possibly the best zebra-ful year of triathlon yet! We have decided to simplify things this coming year. Instead of trying to continuously increment the number, we will return to ground zero: Project Podium. An idea that started as a goal to break into the podium on the national scene three years ago is quickly becoming a part of Texas A&M Triathlon. It still seems like yesterday that I was traveling back on the coach bus from Tempe, AZ. 

On the social media side, Sarah Pledger, your faithful new webmaster, and I are making huge additions to the website. In an effort to reduce listserv spam, we have implemented user login and forums as a medium for members, alumni, and friends to be able to trade ideas, sell or buy gear, or get together and train! Whenever you get the chance, please create an account and either Sarah or I will approve you. Team members and alumni will also get special access to deals and discounts. We are working on the best way to do this. Sarah will also be working on a new YouTube channel to give better race recaps!

On the partners side, our excellent partnership coordinator, Ciara Teter, has been hard at work! All Triathlon team members just need to mention their names at Muldoon's Coffee House to receive a $1 discount on every $3 spent there. This works through the summer too! We'll hopefully have more partners coming as fall semester gets nearer! Additionally, Ciara will be working as the race coordinator and we will maybe hopefully *fingers crossed* have other teams join us at our annual team time trials!

On the finance side, we started a Texas A&M Foundation account a little over a year ago with the goal of raising $25,000 in 5 years for scholarships and team expenses. Although we were not able to meet our goal of contributing $5,000 to the account this year due to extreme costs of nationals, we are still able to contribute $2,000 into the foundation. However, we still need help! If you are alumni of the team, please help us out. You can click the "Donate" link on the right to contribute to the team. All donations are greatly appreciated along with an invitation to our end of the year banquet next year!

On the fundraising and socials side, Julianne Newman is working on lots of exciting new socials and fundraisers in the form of more group rides, cookouts, and camping to name a few! We will be developing a new system for tracking volunteering that will ensure that if you volunteer more than others for the team, then you will for sure be paying less to travel to 2014 nationals, whoop!

Here's just a little bit of our past year as compiled by our very own Madeline Racine, who just walked the stage at graduation today!!

Sean Chang '13
Texas A&M Triathlon

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