Our Mission: Promote a healthy lifestyle through training and friendly competition in the sport of Triathlon.

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Team Meeting Monday!

Team Mtg. Monday!

*****We are meeting in READ 274 for our next meeting.******

It's the building behind GRW Colosseum that has the giant pictures of Randy Bullock, Vonn Miller, and the other past football stars on the side. There are a couple doors into the building. Park in lot 48. There is a bike rack on the side of the building that has a couple stairs that go down to a door to the right of that. Its on the left side of that drive through circle right there. Once you go in those doors, to your left will be another door with some stairs on the inside. Go up to the second floor and room 274 will be right there by the stairs.

The meeting will be at 8 PM.

We're electing officers and going over training challenge results!
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Race Entry Forms!


Don't forget to turn in your race forms! Frost yer Fanny is due by Feb. 4th and Mean Green is due by March 4th.

Can't wait to race!!

Tri Team Officers

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1st Spring 2013 Meeting Recap!

Hey everyone,
If you missed the meeting, this is a recap of all we went over.
1/14/2013 Meeting Agenda
- Dues $120 for 2 semesters, $65 for one semester, $25 for practices
Team races - get registration forms for Frost Yer Fanny and Mean Green from Lauren and pay with CHECK ($45 for each of the races)
Nationals - registration link will be sent from USAT in February. If you are not an annual USAT member, you MUST sign up and get a USAT number before they will send you the link. Sign up here. There are a limited number of seats we can take. It won't be much more than 50 so we may have to start a wait list.
- $15 fee for last minute cancellations on race attendance 
New officer elections (apparel, uniforms, and fundraising) will be next meeting. Nominate yourself here. Check the Sport Clubs Association website for eligibility to be an officer.
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First Team Meeting of 2013!

First team meeting is tonight, Monday January 14, 2013 at 9pm in room 255 at the Rec center.

Room 255 is by the archery room. Go to your left when you first walk in the Rec, past Time Out Deli, and up the stairs.

Come find out about us and what we have in store for this awesome spring semester!!

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Track Practice Cancelled

No practice tonight (10/24) as the track we usually train at is reserved for football games. Sorry for the late notice. Let anyone know who may not see this. Happy Triathloning!

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