Practice Schedule & Routes

Spring 2015 Training Schedule (Beginning January):

Always check "Calendar" tab (the gmail calendar) for the most up to date locations for practices with "*"

Day Time Workout Location
Tuesday 7:30 PM Swim Rec Center
Wednesday 5:30 PM   Run A&M Consolidated Track
Thursday 6:00 PM   Trainer Ride *Subject to Change
Thursday 7:30 PM   Swim Rec
Friday 4:30 PM   Trail Run/Swim Lake Bryan
Saturday 8:45 AM   Long Ride  *See Facebook Group
Sunday   Long Run *See Facebook Group

Trainer rides will be at 'zebra shack'. We have a few team trainers available on a first come first serve basis. 'Zebra Shack' location will be announced via Listserv.

Wednesday Run: Map to A&M Consolidated Middle School Track


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Friday Trail Run/Open Water Swim: Meet at front of REC

We will meet at the front of the REC at 4:30pm to carpool to Lake Bryan. Don't be late! You can also meet us at Lake Bryan.

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Saturday Long Ride: Starts at Military Walk

See calendar for the route of the week.

Our Saturday long rides will feature two groups: a no-drop group and a faster group. The no-drop group is what it means, nobody will be left behind. The no-drop group will most likely only bike a portion of the overall route (turning around some point in the middle). If you want to be in the faster group, make sure you learn the route for the day in case you get dropped. Be prepared to average 18-20 mph in the faster group.

BVC Route (Meet at Military Walk between SBISA and MSC) [~50 miles]:

Alternative BVC Route (Same meeting place as above) [~60 miles]:

Snook Loop (Meet at REC) [~40 miles]:

Old TT Course Loop (Meet at REC) [~40 miles]: - Note: The route can be cut to 30 miles if you eliminate the out-and-back to Millican.

Elmo Weeden Loop (Meet at REC) [~35 miles]:


Good Training Bike Routes

F&B Loop and Research Park Loops [~17 miles]:

Dowling Loop (Short) [15-20 miles]: - Note: You can cut the ride shorter by cutting through Blue Ridge Dr., or you can make the ride longer by finishing the Timberline loop and doubling back on Blue Ridge Dr. and then going back the way you came.


Looking for more rides? Check out