Race Schedule

Fall 2014 Race Schedule


 Fall 2014 Schedule

----- NOTE: To travel with the team the following rules apply -----

  • Must be full member and have paid dues at least 7 days before departure
  • Must inform the Race Coordinator, kcracine@tamu.edu, that you are travelling with the team 7 days before departure
  • If you change your mind about racing or drive yourself without informing the Race Coordinator 4 days before departure, a $20 fee will be charged before you can; practice, travel with the team, or collect any team equipment/apparel order. Extenuating circumstances may apply.
  • Why the fee? We make reservations for vehicles, lodging and related expesnes and last minute changes can negatively impact the team.

----- Thank you for understanding. When in doubt, let an officer know -----


Trifecta Triathlon: CLOSED http://www.trifectatriathlon.com/

Katy Triathlon (register online, WAIT to sign up with discount): http://www.katytriathlon.com/index

US Open Triathlon (register online, WAIT to sign up with discount): http://www.usopen-triathlon.com/

Try Andy's Tri (register online, WAIT to sign up with discount): http://www.slfinishlinesports.com/#!memorial-hermann-sugar-land-try-andys-t/clia